LawDogsUSA does not just put out “detection dogs”. We put out extraordinary detection dogs. Why? Because after two decades as a “fad breed” with the very worst kind of dog owners putting our dogs in a bad light, our dogs have something to prove. Many police officers are afraid of American pit bulls because the only ones they have ever met are man-biting mixbreed curs which have been encouraged to be aggressive toward them.

What Makes A LawDogs?

As a result, we take in only the very best dogs – these are animals which will end up in the public eye, representing their breed.

What Makes A LawDogs?

Our dogs are selected for the following four things:

  • Intense “hunt” drive for the toy
  • Absolutely sound, friendly attitude toward people
  • Low dog aggression
  • Sound physical build

Our American pit bulls average about 46 pounds (males or females), have short, clean hair, don’t drool and can work well in warm climates. They love people and are fantastic “PR” dogs.

If you are interested in donating a dog, go to the Testing page to see requirements.