I am a retired animal control officer, author and dog trainer. My passion is well bred working American pit bull dogs. After the 9/11 tragedy I was struck by the supposed “shortage” of qualified detection dog prospects in America. Despite importing “Europe’s finest” police dogs for over a century, it seemed America could not produce enough quality animals to fill the need. American tax payers dollars were pouring into European dog dealers pockets for Europe’s wash-out police dogs.

Well bred working American pit bull dogs

The LawDogsUSA effort was designed to introduce the American detection dog handler to America’s finest breed – the American pit bull. As much as one person can, it has been my pleasure to showcase the intense drive, uber-friendly attitude, medium size and no shed, no drool package that is the American pit bull detection dog.

In the first few years of operation, LawDogsUSA successfully donated dogs now serving as narcotics and explosives detection dogs at U.S. ports of entry, on the Washington State ferry system, with the Washington State Patrol, and city and county K9 detection units.

Training detection dogs is a large commitment of time and resources. As well as supplying, raising, training and vetting the dogs involved, facilities for training the dogs and training handlers learning to work with their new dogs are needed. I had hoped to raise interest in this program from within the American pit bull community. The good “PR” these animals has generated has had a significant impact in the fight against breed specific legislation. I had dreamed that LawDogsUSA would attract the best and brightest in the pit bull community and be able to grow larger than just me. While I received fantastic support from a few, unfortunately the support and funding necessary to continue the program in a meaningful way was not forthcoming. It’s my fault: I’m just an old dog trainer – not a political type that can schmooze people for money or set up a foundation. I know dogs – not business.

Well bred working American pit bull dogs

I have had to shut down the LawDogsUSA program. I hope that in the future funding and support can be obtained making possible for an all American pit bull detection program to be set up again, and I hope that LawDogsUSA’s pioneering efforts will help open the way for others using these best of dogs in this most important of jobs. I have heard of a couple agencies who, after hearing of LawDogsUSA are now looking to find a way to implement a pit bull. This is fantastic!

My sincerest gratitude to those individuals who have helped this program (and the breed) with their dollars and kind words of support.