Sometimes dogs “wash out” of the training program. This means they may lack specific drives for detection work, may have a physical issue which keeps them from the tough, physical work of being a detection dog; there are many reasons.

Organizations which donate dogs to the LawDogs program have three options when their dog donates. They are:

Reclaim Options

A) Reclaim the dog. Shelters and rescues are welcome to take their dog back. I will pay for the health certificate and transportation to the airport, but the donating agency must pay for transportation back to their location. Please be aware that dogs must be reclaimed within 14 days of washing out.

B) Adoption Option. If the donating organization wishes, LawDogsUSA will place the dog in the local “pit bull friendly” animal shelter for adoption. Dogs will NOT be placed in a “no kill” facility as I feel this is an inhumane option in many cases.

Reclaim Options

C) Euthanasia. Donators may opt for euthanasia. This may be the best choice if the animal is found to have physical or mental defects.