Our “green” (untrained) dogs come from two sources. Our primary source are “rescue” dogs coming from animal shelters. Nothing is so satisfying as saving a dog’s life and then, in return, allowing that dog to perhaps save a human life by detecting a bomb!

Our LawDog Prospects

One goal of the LawDogsUSA program is to bring awareness of this untapped source of excellent detection dog prospects in America’s shelters to law enforcement trainers. The current practice of importing expensive dogs from Europe is simply not necessary. The greatest dogs in the world are AMERICAN MADE!

We rely on shelter workers to identify likely prospects for us. We accept shelter dogs only; we do not accept dogs from private homes.

To accommodate those agencies which require animals from a proven line of health tested animals, LawDogsUSA has initiated a very small breeding program based on exceptional working animals in order to provide us with the very finest in detection dogs. We hope to leave a legacy of health tested, friendly, hard working and proven American pit bulls for the next generation of law enforcement officers.

Our LawDog Prospects

Below meet our current prospects for the upcoming narcotics class!

This is Kona, a great little pit bull bitch rescued from a shelter by famous obedience trainer Pat Cook. She and her friend Sue Powell saw this little girl and decided she would be a natural for the LawDogs program. Pat has already donated one dog (K9 Lucky) so she knows what to look for. Many, many thanks to these two woman for their tireless work on behalf of pit bulls, and for their kind support of the LawDogs program.

Our LawDog Prospects

Desiree Bender of Where Angels Run rescue (who found K9 Hemi for us) has another LawDog prospect for us from the same Louisiana prison Hemi was kept in. She is another Hurricane Katrina survivor, who was suffering from severe heart worm when Desiree rescued her. Twinkie will be coming to LawDogs at the first of the year to prep for the upcoming drug dog class.

Thanks for being such a positive force for the breed, Desiree!

Thank you to B.J. Anderson, Kennel Manager at the Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon for finding a real gem for us! Tanner is not only one if the cutest LawDogs prospects to date, he also shows some of the most potential to date as well. Wow! is all we can say. We are thrilled to have a dog of this caliber in our program.

The Willamette Humane Society is very pit bull friendly! We love them!