K9 Moto is another rescued pit bull. Abandoned by his owner with a “caretaker” in Oregon, Moto and his sister were left to die in filthy, urine and feces filled shipping crates in a barn filled with trash. Thanks to the persistent work of a deputy who didn’t take the word of the property owner that the dogs would be leaving soon, the two dogs were rescued. Taken to Clakamas Animal Control, Moto made friends at the shelter.

Everyone who met him loved him, and staff looked everywhere for a place for this little white pit bull. But, as a homeless adult male pit bull the odds were against him. His happy, love-everyone attitude made staff work just a little bit harder – and a foster home was found for him. When tested by LawDogs he passed with flying colors. Thank you to Heather Leu, at Echo Kennel Working Dogs for fostering Moto for months until he could start the next training class.

Moto became such a class favorite that the head trainer told us that the officers were hoping he would flunk out so they could adopt him as a pet! But Moto didn’t flunk, he graduated with honors and hit the streets as a narcotics detection dog.

K9 Moto

K9 Moto has made quite a splash on the force, making several good finds almost immediately. He made a huge find on the Canadian border, but due to another agency needing to tail the truck to its destination, he had to let it go. But WSP officers know who made the bust! He recently made another big bust in a semi truck… The picture at left is his big grin when he found the drugs!

K9 Moto

K9 Moto is one friendly dude and a true ambassador for the pit bull breed.