It’s a tough job to decide which of the many wonderful dogs we are made aware of should be given the opportunity to become a LawDog.

How To Test The Dog


LawDogsUSA is a very small organization. Until I can afford to purchase a location which allows us more dogs, I am limited by local ordinance as to how many dogs can be on the property. LawDogsUSA receives on average two requests to take dogs each day. Sadly, I can only take in two dogs at a time, approximately two to three dogs per year. I hope someday LawDogsUSA can expand but for now I appreciate your understanding why I cannot take all the wonderful dogs offered.

Initial Selection Criteria

To be considered, all dogs must be:

How To Test The Dog
  • Purebred American pit bulls only
  • 11 months to 3 years of age
  • Very friendly to humans – no bite history
  • Physically sound
  • Unafraid of tight places, slick floors, strange footing
  • Dog on dog aggression low

In order to help us select those dogs which will become the very best detection dogs I require the following:

I MUST have a VHS video/DVD of the dog doing these specific actions:

  • Walking through a large pet type store like PetSmart or Petco. We want to see the dog interacting with people, see its attitude toward other dogs, the flooring and other distractions.
  • I want to see the dog (loose or on a very long leash) taken to a field of grass or weeds at least 20″ high. While the dog is held, the ball is tossed out into the weeds where the dog cannot easily find it. The object is to allow me to witness the dog searching for the ball several times. The dog can be encouraged, but must search on its own for the ball. Not important that the dog bring it back as in a retrieve. The dog should be having to search for a minimum of one minute to find the toy.
  • Send the video to LawDogsUSA 1910 E 4th Ave #88 Olympia, WA 98506. Please be patient – I will get back to you.

Again, please be aware that I can only take two to three dogs a year. Because of this, only the most extreme, most ball-crazy dogs will be considered. Thanks for your understanding.