How do I house the dogs?

LawDogsUSA is my passion (my way of paying back this great breed for all they have done for me) – not a business. I spend my own money to care for these dogs, donate my time, vehicles and equipment. The dogs are housed at my Boldog Kennel facility. I pride myself on the care these dogs receive as they stay as “family members” while here.

Unlike so many dog care facilities, I don’t “crate” dogs. I believe a shipping crate is just that – a shipping crate. I do not consider a crate to be “appropriate housing” with the exception of housing at night when necessary. The LawDogs prospects live as “family members”. They come and go in the house, play in large yards and lounge in kennels or on tethers when not working. Olympia has a mild climate and training goes on year round.

What do I feed the dogs?

When donation funds allow, I prefer to feed Timberwolf Wild & Natural. I find this to be a superior feed for hard working dogs. When money is tight I feed Kirkland brand Performance feed (Cosco) and have used this for years. Both are good foods. A raw beef meat/fat mixture is added to the feed. I supply raw beef and deer bones to the dogs at least once a week to keep them from being bored.

How do I exercise the dogs?

LawDogs have fun! Boldog Kennel has all the equipment needed to let these high energy, high drive dogs blow off steam. I have springpoles, a jenni, treadmills (for rainy weather) a swim tank, boomer balls, and trips to the river to swim.

Veterinarian Care

How I Care For The LawDogs

Donated dogs are given a health check by a veterinarian, and any soundness or health issues are examined. I have taken several dogs to specialists to determine if they are sound enough for the working dog life style. This is quite expensive, but gives me peace of mind that the dogs will be comfortable and sound – and the law enforcement agencies will get a sound, healthy dog.

How I Care For The LawDogs
How I Care For The LawDogs

We x-ray hips as a matter of course.

Our breeding dogs are screened for hip and elbow dysplasia, given CERF eye checks, OFA heart certification and other checks as indicated.


Detection dog training is fun! All training at Boldog Kennels is “marker training” otherwise known as “clicker training” or positive training.