Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive dogs are more prone to biting, which can cause serious trouble for their owners. If a dog bites, the owner is responsible and forced to pay a large fine, not to mention the medical bills the person accumulates. Training aggressive dogs can help lower the chances of biting and attacks occurring. There are five tips that can help aggressive dog training go smoother.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Many dogs act out their aggressions when they feel threatened or scared. Punishing a dog who exhibits this behavior can actually do more damage. They will learn that aggression is an appropriate response to get what they want. It is best to use positive reinforcement, and offer them a reward for things they do right. When a dog behaves, simply tell him he is a good boy and perhaps feed him a small treat. It is also ideal to do this when people approach or another dog is nearby. It will condition him to think positively about the situation, rather than reacting in a negative manner.

Aggressive Dog Training

Slowly Introduce Them to Other Dogs

A main form of aggression seen in dogs is when they come across other animals. You should slowly introduce your pet to other dogs to help them become more comfortable with the situation. Rather than letting your dog jump and run when they see a dog, you should instruct them to sit and stay. This can help them realize they need to stay calm when a dog approaches, rather than reacting quickly.

Always Use the Same Command for a Certain Behavior

Training a dog is not going to be easy if you constantly switch the command you give. Each behavior should have its own command that you say each time. If you want the dog to sit, say sit. If you need him to stop jumping, say down. Never change up the commands, as it will only confuse him and cause him to stop listening to what you say.

Keep Training Sessions Short

When you first start training, the sessions should be short. A long session may be overwhelming for the dog and cause stress. This is another reason for aggression.

Find an Expert

It is beneficial to train your dog yourself, because it will help him become more comfortable with you and understand you are his owner. On the other hand, finding an expert who can show you the ropes also has its advantages. An expert dog trainer has worked with countless animals in the past, and will help you get your aggressive dog to be more sociable and calm.

Following these five tips for dog aggression training can help owners better handle their misbehaved pets. Aggressive animals are often hard to handle and used for guard dogs. Providing guard dog training may help them become better listeners and understand that there is a time for aggression, such as when intruders are nearby, and a time to act calmly, when average people are present.